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From Fatih Guner, creator of the most-read and critically-acclaimed blockchain newsletter of Europe, here comes the English version of the weekly opinion and analysis briefing about all things blockchain.

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What people say?

From little investment advices on crypto currencies to deep philosophical thought exercises on blockchain, I follow mempool with great pleasure.

Erman Taylan
Erman Taylan Product Manager @ Webrazzi

mempool is a 360 technical, cultural, psychological and reliable source for blockchain and crypto currencies.

Hakan Erdogan
Hakan Erdogan CTO @ iyzico

Fatih is one of the few people who understands crypto-currencies are not just financial products but it’s a whole revolution. And he constantly works to make people understand it as well.

Ekim Nazim Kaya
Ekim Nazim Kaya Entrepreneur, CEO @ Botego

Fatih brings technical understanding, general culture and eye-opening references together on this emerging technology elaborately.

Inci Seda Cankurtaran
Inci Seda Cankurtaran Software Engineer

It’s like ‘driving a car in the right seat’. Fatih is a bookworm; he interprets what he reads, and then shares it with us. An information overload!

H. Levent Turkay
H. Levent Turkay Corporate Communications Senior Executive

Fatih offers a great discussion on blockchain, what problems it is solving, and what the future may hold for crypto currency. He provides the most easy to digest source for what’s new in the world of blockchain market.

Ahmet Sulek
Ahmet Sulek Partner @ Panda Network

Let’s lead a revolution

“Code alone is just a tool. For blockchain technology to reach its next stage and fulfill its long-term promise, humans must lead.”
-Blockchain Revolution, Dan Tapscott & Alex Tapscott

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Not just weekly news, not at all.

mempool delivers a selection of thought-provoking reads, analysis and opinion to help you be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve on blockchain and crypto-currencies. You will find a concise roundup of the world’s most interesting reads on blockchain.

Can digital technology go as far as replacing banks or governments as arbiters of trust and create a new protocol for doing business around the world? Yes! mempool revolves around this argument and presenting readers with great content about this network of trust.

About me

With unflagging curiosity, I try to understand communities.

Fatih Guner

I’m Fatih Guner, a writer and an entrepreneur. I’m in media business for 8 years and my technology blog was acquired by its competitor in 2014. Since then I managed political campaigns, started a performance marketing agency and launched a book distribution company.

Because I’m an avid reader (and my father was a trader) I started to read and the more I read, the more I was fascinated by the opportunities on blockchain technology. I’m not a developer, so I started to write.

I think Greenspan, Krugman and Roubini is wrong, I think Bitcoin is not evil and I’m happy to share my thoughts on social, political and cultural effects blockchain and crypto-currencies will present.

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